The south of the region of Murcia is still one of areas with new places to discover for travellers who enjoy the countryside.

    This is the mountain range where Finca Liarte is situated. It has a typical Mediterranean landscape with low mountains and pine trees close to the sea. It is crossed with hiking routes which bring us to places like La Cueva, a small grotto with various walkways, El Margajón and La Cueva de La Virgen. The mountain range can be crossed on a circular route by bicycle which is signposted as Route 01.

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    This is an area of natural beauty with small deserted bays with crytal clear water. It is accessed by a small road which runs parallel to the sea and you can find beautiful places like the Rocks of Bolnuevo, Puntabella, and the bays Cueva de Lobos and la Playa de Percheles.

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    At the furthest point of Cape Tiñoso is Castillitos, an abandoned military fortress with towers inspired by medieval times with various underground passages. There are several old giant cannons, some of which are more than 10 meters long. There is also an incredible viewpoint where you can see the majority of the region’s coast. Nearby you can visit the coastal village La Azohía where you can visit the Santa Elena tower, constructed as a look out against pirate attacks in the past.

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    This nature reserve is a protected area with numerous beautiful bays like Calnegre or Baño de las Mujeres and the amazing Cala Blanca. You can also visit the Torre de Cope from the 15th century and the village of Cuesta de Gos where the actor Paco Rabal was born and is buried. Next to the shrine is a statue of him.

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    This area is one of the natural paradises still intact along the Mediterran coast. It still has a rich flora and faunta and has unique areas like Salinas del Rasall which is a bird watching area, sand dunes and golden sandy beaches like La Playa Dorada and Playa Larga.

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    Aledro is a village from Moorish times situated on a steep mountain range, only accessible on one side, which overlooks the surrounding area. You can visit th Homenaje Tower and the Santa María La Real church and wall. On the outskirts of the village you can see el Estrecho de la Arboleja, a small cannon along which a stream runs, which is truly lovely to see.

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    This city has a story to tell which takes you through the different ages of its 3,000 year history. The Fortuna House, the Punic Wall, the War Shelters and the Foro Neighbourhood or the amazing Roman Theatre are just some of the places you can visit.

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    The city’s main attraction is its castle, the Fortress of the Sun, which has been transformed into a living museum where the people who inhabited it in the middles ages earn their living and interact with the visitors. This allows you to feel as if you have travelled back in time. You can also visit other places of interest like the Guevara Palace, the Arqueological Museum and the famous Lorcan Museum of Embroidery.

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    Sierra Espuña is a green mountain range which runs through the region of Murcia. It is covered with a thick layer of forest in which two peaks protrude, Espuña and Morrón. From the routes which run through it, its easy to observe the Atlas mountain goats, wild boars and birds of prey. You can also visit unique spots like the Wells of Snow (Pozos de la Nieve), the Valley Leiva (el Valle del Leiva) or the Cliffs of Gebas (los Barrancos de Gebas).

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    Mazarrón has more than 35 km of coastal beaches and hidden bays like in Bolnuevo. The best have fine sand beaches, which in summer are fully serviced, and where you can do all types of beach and water activities. The rest of the year they are almost deserted and you can walk, play or even swim.

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