At Finca Liarte you can enjoy all of the mentioned activities through guided tours, except the walking and cycling routes.

    In the house there is information about routes which go through some of the most beautiful areas around Finca Liarte. La Cueva is a small grotto with various walkways. El Margajón is a small town of houses which was abandoned decades ago, making it a ghost town. Cueva de la Virgen is a small hollow situated at the top of Cabezo de Los Vivancos from which you can view the pretty landscape of fields and mountains.
    More Information: Ruta a la cueva
    More Information: Ruta al Margajón y a la Madroñera
    More Information: Ruta a la Cueva de la Virgen
    In the house there is information about routes which are rarely used, among others la Ruta por las Tierras de la Perdiz, a circular route along the Sierra del Algarrobo with incredible views of the mountains and sea and which is signposted the whole way.
    More Information: Ruta de la Perdíz

    There are horse riding treks which go along the Bolnuevo riverbed and the Castellar beach run by the El Gigante equestrian association located in Mazarrón town.
    Groups of: 3 – 6 people
    Length: Between 2.5 and 3 hours (from 18:00 to 21:00)
    Price: 30€ / per person
    Contact number: 669494759
    More Information: FaceBook El Gigante Ecuestre
    Tours by boat to the unspoilt beaches to swim and snorkel with guides Cetáceos y Navegación. Located in Puerto de Mazarrón.
    Groups: minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people.
    Length: 3 hours (from 17:00 to 20:00).
    Price: 30€ / per person
    Contact number: 669494759
    Open sea tours to look at dolphins also available.
    More Information: Cétaceos y Navegación

    Scuba diving courses available through the Centro de Buceo del Sureste located in Puerto de Mazarrón.
    Price with boat trip: 50€ low season; 70€ high season
    Contact number: 968154078
    More Information: Buceo Sureste
    Individual, double or triple canoes can be rented at Grimpola Escuela de Vela.
    Price per canoe: 5€ per hour; 8€ two hours; 12€ three hours
    Price per double canoe: 10€ per hour; 18€ two hours; 25€ three hours.
    Price per triple canoe: 12€ per hour; 20€ two hours; 25€ three hours.
    Also to rent are: windsurfs, sail boats, catamarans and paddle surf. Courses are available.
    Contact number: 699057950. Situated in: Puerto De Mazarrón.
    More Information:: Grimpola

    Ski jets and boat rentals without licence available at Nora Nautic.
    2 person ski jet: 35€ fifteen minutes; 65€ thirty minutes; 120€ one hour.
    4 person boat: 50€ one hour; 75€ two hours, 90€ three hours; 110€ four hours; 160€ per day.
    Day trips and FlyBoard.
    Contact number: 629364870. Situated in: El Alamillo and Playa del Paseo
    More Information: Facebook Nora Nautic
    Paintball available at Demons in Fuente Álamo.
    Groups: minimum 6 people.
    Contact number: 649 403 961
    Price per person: 20 €
    More Information: Facebook Demons